About Masters of Pediatrics

Masters of Pediatrics is a resource for providers, patients and parents seeking information on common childhood conditions, the best pediatricians by location, and latest research breakthroughs in pediatric health.

Providers can access a wealth of information related to medical education offerings – either in-person or virtual events – and the latest in guidelines, therapeutics and clinical trials. Staying on the cutting-edge of pediatric industry news, education and research ensures providers are offering the best and most up-to-date information and care to their patients.

Parents and pediatric patients are able to browse common conditions by topic, locate pediatricians and children’s hospitals in their area, and read news related to trending topics in pediatric health. When patients and caregivers are educated about their conditions and care options, they are able to make the best decisions about their treatment.

We promote excellence in pediatric-centric clinical care, education and research